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Ghost Mannequin Service

Carefully hand-drawn Ghost Mannequin Service for crisp, clean photos
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Have you heard of Ghost Mannequin before? Yes, it is not a famous scary movie like a hollow man. But Ghost mannequin services are also called the open man, invisible mannequin technique. Word mannequin is a dummy used as a model in the shops.

However, this era is fast with one click, so online shopping decreases the use of dummies as it lowers the value of the product appearance. In real Ghost, mannequin service is an advanced technology that gives your product 3D or 2D effects.

Buying a product seemed very difficult in older days, but a magic wand of technology made every step of life in just a click.

What are the services included in the ghost mannequin techniques?

The services include beheading of the dummy model, which shows the hollow-neck part, legs, chest, and arm. Packs hot ghost mannequin effects. Bottom join and sleeves joint ghost mannequin service. Clipping path service etc.

Ghost Mannequin services

Adobe Photoshop is the photo editing service, the best software for doing clipping path service.

There are other versions of Photoshop CS 6. (The latest version).it has more features and is easy to work on.


How ghost Mannequin service works

3D effects are given to your product using photo-editing software. A photographer takes multiple photos and combines all of them to provide a natural result and remove the model.


Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing

Here are some steps and tips that you can plan in your ghost mannequin photo editing:

  • It depends on the cutting and shapes of the product and how many photos must be taken.
  • Bracelets and watches don’t need ghost mannequins, but they need some photo combining.
  • Two images are enough, for instance, clothing. First, on the model’s body, the upper part and the second image are of the inner interest than combining both and using ghost mannequin editing comes as a hollow man.
  • For only one product, for example, a t-shirt, you need front and back photos of the model.
  • If you decide to use a model, use a static position.
  • Hairs of models should be tightly knotted.
  • White mannequins are effective, non-reflective and easily blend into a white background. And the task becomes easy.
  • Make sure your brand or product appropriately fits your mannequin or model by using the correct size.
  • If there are sleeves, be sure that the sleeves’ position is correct and proper in the image so that the viewer can easily see them.
  • High-quality photographs exhibit more effect of ghost mannequins. Those are added.
  • In a good ghost mannequin service Lightning technique, camera light, and placement are very important.
  • Angles of the camera are essential because they can create a disturbing viewer.
  • A telephoto zoom lens can minimize distortion while capturing your images and gives you the flexibility to move closer to smaller objects and move farther away from larger objects.
  • Studio shooting must have ample space.
  • Make sure to use the same lights for both photos.

Ghost Mannequin in Photoshop

Here are some steps and tips that you can plan in your ghost mannequin photoshop.

  • Click the file menu and open the image in Adobe.
  • Your client must give or must have two pictures front and back.
  • Choose a front print. On a new tab.
  • Make a layer copy.
  • Select your layer copy and select the pen tool for cutting the neck and sleeves.
  • Go to the object area and use the pen tool for clothing the path.
  • After choosing that area, right-click on the mage and save your selection.
  • Then Again, right-click on the image and select the inverse.
  • Now open image one and choose another image.
  • Open back image and cut the neck joint area.
  • Drag the cutting room in the front image and join that. FINISH!

Who needs ghost mannequin service?

Designer clothing brands, photographers, E-Commerce businesses, online vendors, and magazine ad agencies take this service.

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It eliminates the model or dummy from the accessories. Removing bad wrinkles, dust spots etc., to beautify and to make the product more attractive.

The purpose of the Ghost mannequin service is to make the product look like an invisible model wearing it. It clearly shows every part of the product. As a result, customers can catch every detail about the product from all around the picture. It is the most advanced option to promote your product images to draw the attention of the viewers.

Photoshop ghost mannequin service removes the mannequin by creating an empty part, for example, if you don't need a neck area. Clipping path, shadows edge reefing liquefy, and colors appeal to the product. And for instance, you need front and back, then take these in Photoshop and join them with the help of tools and techniques.

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